Sunday, April 29, 2012

a change of pace

although i'm a bit weepy at the fact that our infant isn't so much an infant anymore, i am happy to be rounding this corner. and as i have said before, it's such a double edge sword. you want it and you don't.
my former life feels not so far away these days. i can see it. maybe even feel it. we are doing things again that make me happy. really, really happy. simple things.

we are watching movies again. put babies to bed. get dessert. and cozy up. and we watch these movies in ENTIRETY without re-binking a boy 13 times. this makes me happier than i should admit. but this was my former life. a part that i really enjoyed. and missed.

i'm going to bed and waking before them {most nights}. oh thank you lord. such a game changer.

i've been getting a little alone time. trips to target and trader joe's without kids. little outings with auntie m. and even a little more crafting time. i try my very best to balance this with all my duties and push the mommy guilt to the very back of my brain.

we're outside more. niz loves it outside and thus he is quiet and happy for what seems like forever. no crying baby makes me giddy.
work is feeling a little less like work and more fun. the feeling of 'drowning' feels more like 'treading water'... with maybe a side ache. i'm starting to feel confident in the world of firsties. {until someone, who is six, throws a wrench in the mix and leaves me dumbfounded.}
i guess it's also the beautiful spring weather and hopefulness of a potty trained child that feels so refreshing.
here's to happy days ahead. and a summer countdown. oh... i did vow to stop counting things down and to just live for today... but taking a countdown {to summer!} away from a teacher is like taking the stethoscope away from a doctor. te he!

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