Monday, April 16, 2012

he is...

my favorite. and this is why:

while she burrows under pillows, he dives onto the bed and joins in on the fun.

he does somersaults. and teaches her the proper technique.

he shows her how to use the maglight. he turns off the lights. makes hand puppets. all instead of snatching it away.

they look for frogs. catch frogs. and he saves frogs from eager little hands.

when he finds her fully submerged in a mud puddle, he leaves her. and watches. and allows her to throw it on the pug. because it makes her laugh. hysterically.

then he makes a bucket of soapy water. and washes her clothes. and shoes. and comes into the house with tiny mud handprints around his neck. and she's smiling.

he makes her cream of wheat. and they eat it.

he tells him about guns. and cars. and boats. already.

he sings. and dances. and acts silly. really silly.

he is diligent about sunscreen. and brushing teeth. and hair. and making her laugh. daily.

and he calls to check up on us. and his first question is always... always 'how are my babies?' and it makes my heart swell up.
and he never tires of getting on the floor. and acting as a human jungle gym.

of all the years i have know him, i have never seen him more calm. patient. sweet. or in love... with someone other than me of course ;)

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  1. This is such a sweet post! I remember Patty S. told me once that you will love your husband more than you ever thought possible after having children, and it is SO TRUE! You are a lucky lady!