Friday, May 4, 2012

friday night

oh how life changes.

it's friday night. 9:04. my jammies have been on for hours. kids are tucked in. ryan's researching who knows what on my phone. i'm guessing something related to guns, cars, and/or boats. i'm lucky these are his true obsessions in life. because if you follow my instagram, you know i have been eating entirely too much dessert lately. and loving it.  

i am upstairs. preparing for work. double and triple checking pinterest for the mother's day craft.
printing their pictures to add to the gift. giggling at their tiny smiles. hearing their voices.

reading random blogs. wanting to finish that dr. pepper in the fridge. wondering if i'm getting old. if i might need glasses someday soon.

this is the randomness i think about. i'm also admiring my shellac nails... freshly painted. and loving them.

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