Tuesday, May 8, 2012

potty training trials and tribulations

i started this post 5 days ago. but we were still in the heat of the battle. so i waited. really... so i didn't have to retract any bragging. you know how it goes. the minute you talk about one of their new fabulous tricks, they prove you wrong. and she still might.

but... today is day 9 and i can officially say it. she's potty trained! woo hoo! the last three days... no accidents. not one. not even sorta of. she's even waking up dry from bedtime and naps.

we have not put a diaper on that sweet little rump in nine days! i can't believe it myself.

we went with the three day method. and i think there should have been a little more in the preface on that method. or maybe there was, but i skimmed that page. yes... it took less than three days to 'click' but about 7 to 'sink in'. i almost felt defeated on day three when bodily functions were not being contained to my comfort level. and i thought i was doing it all wrong. and i wanted to quit.

but... i didn't. and despite my overly clean husband and my hatred of germs, we stuck with it. and she did too. she is very much inspired and motivated by chocolate. chocolate chips. 'in a bowl' to be exact.

so... we got lucky on this kid. pretty sure the next guy will be our wild card.

and we still haven't ventured out much. i am literally having nightmares about the minute she yells out 'potty' and we are nowhere near a bathroom. or the thought of her body on a public toilet seat.

{day one. naked yard day.}

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