Sunday, July 29, 2012

a new chapter {part one ~ diet}

i'm done having babies. i'm done looking like i HAD babies. {and there's a part of me that wants people to think i'm the nanny}
i am ready for the new chapter.

so i've been making some changes. both with diet and exercise. here's what i'm up to:

{part one - diet}

while pregnant with niz, i had some high blood sugar readings. i had to change my diet. at the time it felt earth shattering. today it feels more like a blessing. and a major teachable moment. i have used what i learned from my nutritionist to change my diet.

at first i was using the myfitnesspal app. when it become more of '' i stopped. it was making me feel bad. i would go into the red and feel discouraged. so i stopped. i don't want to micromanage my diet. i don't want to micromanage anything.

but here's roughly what i live by:
1. pair your carbs with protein. 15 carbs = 7 grams of protein
this keeps your blood sugar level stable. less highs and lows.         {less... oh my god i'm starving... stuff your face with whatever you can grab first}

2. eat from the earth. less processed. less crap.


{i am a trader joe's fanatic. 99% of my items are from trader joe's. TJ's items are free from high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and preservatives}

kashi go lean cereal- this flavor
or a trader joe's english muffin and two morning star sausage patties
or fage greek yogurt {the one with jellied fruit}
or two scrambled eggs and one piece of toast

for me, it's all about the protein. 

10:30 snack:

7 crackers and one slice of cheese
or any piece of fruit and cheese
or fage greek yogurt, if i didn't have it for breakfast
or a luna bar


pre-made trader joe's salad
or trader joe's frozen french onion soup
or canned soup
or left over dinner
or half a sandwich
or in&out burger and fries {no cheese}
and a diet coke or diet dr. pepper 

3:00 snack

fruit and one serving size of nuts
or trail mix
or cottage cheese
or toast with peanut butter
or veggies and cheese


i try to portion control. dinner is really hard for me to make. when i'm throwing in butter and oil and beautiful, fatty meat, i get all worked up about the grand total of the meal. instead of avoiding the meal, i just try to remember to break my plate into three parts.

part one: half the plate - vegetables 
{plain. no butter. no cheese. no salt}
part two: one forth the plate - protein {lean protein}
part three: one forth the plate - starch/carb 
{brown rice. whole grain pasta. corn... yes, corn is a starch... not a veggie :( or potato}

if i can't break the meal into the three categories, than i try to avoid it. like spaghetti. the entire plate being covered by noodles breaks all the rules.


luna bar
one graham cracker and trader joe's cocoa almond spread
and of course occasional treats {Menchies froyo}
or two pieces of see's candies

i really look for the protein. if it doesn't have it, or i don't want to add it {like... eat some ice cream but then you have to have a piece of cheese... yuck!} then i don't eat it.

i've also been getting out the measuring cups and REALLY measuring. 

i drink diet soda {only one a day}, water, and ice tea. i try not to drink my calories. 

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