Thursday, July 26, 2012


i'm loving pinterest. for one reason alone. meal ideas. i know how to cook. pretty well i think. but most days i have a show down with my kitchen. i fight dinner planning all day. like a meal is randomly going to appear or something. i guess my main problem is... what sounds good at 8 am {to thaw} sounds terrible at 4 when it's time to cook. or go out. or beg ryan for take out.

so... pinterest has been a saving grace this summer. it inspires me. even if it's not a new meal, but simply a picture that triggers a memory of a meal i once made. memory loss... it's my newest 'post baby' trick i've mastered. ummm... scary!

i've actually been inspired by aunt m. she has this handy little note pad on her fridge that says what they are eating every day of the week. i do this... sometimes. and it's great. until we are invited to dinner and change up the week. then i panic about that meat in the fridge. throw everything in the freezer. and am back to the original dilemma. neurotic... yes.

now this meal was inspired by pinterest.

grilled cheese on sourdough with avocado and tomato. it reminded me of a restaurant sandwich. 
{i think it would be over-the-top delicious with bacon}

perhaps spelling out my meal here, for next week, will help me. and maybe you will be inspired to make something new. or give me suggestions.

monday- hamburger pie... also known as shepherd's pie.

tuesday- salmon, asparagus, brown rice

wednesday- naan bread pizza, salad

thursday- beef tacos

friday- cobb salad

okay... we shall see. i desperately need to hit trader joe's... so now i have a game plan.

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