Tuesday, July 10, 2012

attitude adjustments

i went mia because i was having a hard time with this girl i know. and love. very much.
we are two peas in a pod. we're bossy and difficult. we want to be the one in control and it's that easy and hard. 

for some odd reason i was feeling a little resentful that she was running the show. calling the shots. making the demands. and i felt a little embarrassed at get togethers and gatherings. 

and then... i adjusted my attitude.

why did i feel like i owed it to others to have this perfect little child? why did i think that two year olds were reasonable creatures?   

i owe only one thing to one person. and it is her. 

i owe her a mom who is her soft spot to fall. a mom that is patient. quick to forgive. slow to speak. a mom that makes her laugh. i need to be one step ahead to keep her safe and happy. i owe her a joyous, playful home. someone to guide her and protect her but on the same hand, let her be who she is. 

and my attitude adjustment has made a big difference. i lay in bed and remind myself that this phase will  pass. it will probably roll into an equally, if not more difficult one, and i will giggle at the so called challenges i once cried over. that is life. 

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