Monday, July 30, 2012

a new chapter {part two ~ exercise}

click here to read {part one - diet}

after getting my diet in check {ummm... no you can't have dessert after breakfast} i decided to throw in that critical exercise part. i dragged my feet. made excuses. hoped the decrease in sugar alone would be enough. but... it wasn't.

so... i just went for it. i'm a swimmer. and we don't have a pool. and i don't have a nanny so i can go to a pool. so... now i'm a novice... like super novice... runner/jogger/walker/hobbler.

we started walking after dinner. at first, just a few days a week. then one morning i tried running down the street. and i nearly had a heart attack. then i tried it again. and it didn't hurt so much. and i started sweating. and seeing results. and now i try my very best to work some sort of exercise into

i am:

walking with babies {at least 1 hour}

running/jogging for 20-30 minutes WITHOUT stopping
{i even did this in vegas at the gym!}
bike riding with the family

swimming... when i get really lucky

every minute i'm moving is an upgrade from what i was doing 2 months ago. it's also time i'm not being tempted to eat something!

and by fitting into something worn long, long ago... i get yet another round of motivation. i also get lots of inspiring texts from my partner in crime and husband. 


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  1. You are so inspiring! I am much better at the whole exercising thing than the dieting the thing. I tell myself I'll try harder when I'm done having babies but that's probably a lie.

    Ps our new house has a community pool so if you move in next door I'll babysit while you swim :)