Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the color run

i signed up for my very first run. the color run in san diego. i was browsing pinterest when i stumbled upon it. so i promptly texted some people and without really thinking about it, hit submit.

so... feeling all motivated and such, i decided to do my loftiest run yet. the descanso loop. i normally watch the time on my little step counter. and when i hit 20 minutes quit. well... today was all about distance. the color run is 3 miles. so... i need to practice running three miles.

here's how it went:
mile one was fine. i've done this. i was able to look around and enjoy the sights.

at 1.4 miles i starting using a little profanity. like... wtf... i've only gone 1.4 miles? this is madness. and all this roadkill is gross.

the 1.6 mile mark was an uphill climb. my butt literally felt like it weighted 300 pounds. my legs were so heavy {mind you... it was uphill... but still} and my body was screaming STOP.

the two mile mark got the best of me. i could not lift my legs high enough to jog. i had to walk. i was bummed... but that's silly. i've just started this running nonsense and i have plenty of time to practice.

during the walking section i thought about getting in the fetal position. hoping ryan would eventually look at the clock and come searching for me. i thought about stopping at a house and calling home. i wanted to cut across the field. but there were bulls. and barbed wire fences.

i thought about the kids at school. those kids who walk so incredibly slow. when they're doing their warm up lap. i was that kid. i was sweating. and panting. but i was just about that speed.

on the final stretch... where i could see our house... i ran. the last half mile. i closed my eyes and dug deep. the wind picked up and that helped.

i ran 3.4 miles in 53 minutes. who knows how good or bad this is. i don't really care. it's my reality.

i opened the gate. threw myself on the lawn. peeled my shoes off and listened to my heart race.

i hobbled into the house to find two babies in the tub. my dinner in the microwave.

my sweet reward was inhaling my food and reading blogs while listening to ryan and moo sing.

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