Monday, December 3, 2012

santa 2012

i'm having mixed feelings about our santa experience. a little bit of mommy guilt for clearly torturing BOTH of them. and a little bit of... someday they'll laugh. i hope?

moo was on the fence in line. i kept telling her she was getting a treat from santa. when she peeked into the little house she turned and was ready to take off. i had to pick her up. she let out a blood curdling scream. which we hear very rarely. lots of whining daily... but not this scream. then nizzy started crying. and i looked at ryan with panic in my heart.

santa calmly told me to set them down. i did. this is what we saw.
i felt like i earned the 'parent of the year' award. you know... those emails with pictures of terrible parental choices. perhaps ryan and i are the new poster child for 2012 edition.

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  1. Good thing we are skipping breakfast with Santa at Sea World :) they will laugh eventually.