Saturday, December 29, 2012

as the dust settles

{a christmas round up}

it was pretty exciting this year. moo was old enough to be excited... about presents, NOT santa. all she wanted were 'pink things' and a 'pink goat' at one point.

so... a pink dollhouse seemed appropriate. 
 and some pink boots from her grandma.
there were magical moments... and more snarky moments than any mother would like to admit. 
it's as if she sensed it was the most spectacular day of the year... and decided to fight it.
 we did lots of traveling and eating and baby wrangling. 
and now... we've settled in and are enjoying our new found treasures. 
D prefers his old faithfuls. after opening all the new stuff christmas morning, he walked straight over to the toy box and pulled out his much loved items. 
my favorite... their fishing sets. made by hand by their loving auntie M.
they made out like bandits. we're going through old toys to donate. 
 and of course... eating treats... at 10am. it really is the most magical time of the year. 

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