Wednesday, December 5, 2012

elf on a shelf 2012 {week 1}

his name is noddles. she came up with that herself while eating dinner. and maybe because she had a little pile of noodles on her plate. ryan wanted his name to be elvis. luckily it's not. 

{day 1}
she found him happily brushing his teeth... with her toothbrush.

he was eating honey nut joe O's. 

he seems to want a pirate ship for christmas. she loved that he was sitting in her chair.

using the frog potty and a little light reading.  

noodles LOVES see's candy like gg, mama, and moo!

he found a tasty ornament. he loves the christmas tree.

roasting marshmallows... and one lucky girl helped him eat them up. 

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