Wednesday, December 12, 2012

have yourself a... happy little birthday

although... it's not so little. the big three zero. he is 30. a grown up. but... his brother would say he's been a grown up since he was 12. 

15 years ago my heart skipped a beat when i noticed him. as in stared into la la land during biology noticed him. he was a baby. so was i. 

today he is the best version of himself. he's smarter. he's braver. he's my favorite. 

ask anyone who really knows him and they will agree... he's just straight up a good guy. nothing up his sleeve, no ulterior motives, authentic and genuine. makes a deal with a handshake. keeps his word. in all areas of his life. 

i couldn't be prouder. or more fortunate to have him by my side. 

happy birthday sweet boy. 


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  1. This is so sweet & almost made me cry! haha. A sap, I know, but so so sweet nonetheless.