Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where are you Christmas... why can't I feel you... (tune from the Grinch soundtrack)

It almost doesn't feel like Christmas this year without the corny school musical songs stuck on 'repeat' in my head. I'm on maternity leave. Sweet, sweet- don't get out of your jammies 'til 10 maternity leave. I love it. I am trying my hardest to love every minute of it and soak up the lazy days and slow mornings filled with Sesame Street, luke warm coffee, showers with the Moo, pony tails and pajamas.

Maternity leave nearly started in summer. I went back to school for a measly two weeks in August and was whisked back to my cozy home. A perfect transition. Any teacher will tell you that the last days of summer are sad. And I wasn't ready to venture back into the world of kids and leave my favorite kid behind. It was nice only finding ten maternity work outfits before I could get back into my 'summer' comfies. A combination of Target yoga pants and Old Navy tanks tops stretched to the max.

So as my maternity leave draws to an end, I can't help but think about what's happening at work, what the Christmas performance sounded like this year, and of course, the dreaded transition back. Until then I will soak up all the baby smells, the long lazy days, and the happiness that fills my heart knowing that I am building their foundations.

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