Thursday, December 29, 2011

what I would say to my 16 year old self

that boy you love... he loves you back. he is as sweet and genuine as they come. don't worry... it will work out. even that tiny rough patch in college.

these people you are worried about (the 'cool' kids) don't.even.matter... not one bit. they disappear after high school. who you are doesn't. don't fret over them. they're not as cool as they look anyways.

she won't be your best friend anymore. it will be hard. it will feel like a break up. you will make new friends. strong, fabulous, inspiring friends that you will want to share your life with.

you will finish college just fine. you will complete the credential program too. you will find a job your first year. don't let the naysayers worry you. on that note... you worry too much, but that's just never going to change.

treat your brothers better. you love them more than you think. they love you. one day you will miss one immensely. these are the days to build memories.

lastly, you can probably be a smidge more relaxed. ditch school. an A is an A... who cares if it's a 97% or a 92%... stop studying and go do something fun. your SAT scores don't really matter in the end... don't let that number bother you.

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