Friday, December 23, 2011

As I Blink

HE :)
he is BIG. he is 13 weeks today. he is 17 pounds. he is hungry. ALL.THE.TIME. he has long eyelashes. he bats them at me while he nurses. he's a flirt. he has me wrapped around his finger.

he is happy. he coos, smiles, and laughs. he loves faces. he wants to talk. he watches his sis. he smells good. he likes baths. he likes his vibrating chair. he likes the car. he loves his binkie.

he has a fan club. she is number one. he is loved by all girls it seems. he looks right into your eyes. he communicates. he is handsome. he is wiggly. he loves to sleep right next to me.

he is loved.
he is adored actually. he is easy going like his dad. he is easy to be with. he is a joy. he is my guy.

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