Thursday, December 22, 2011

As of Today

SHE :)
she is smart. she is funny. she is starting to understand humor. she laughs. she loves her brother. she LOVES her daddy. she knows how to say 'applesauce'.

she likes TV. she watches Sesame Street. she mostly adores Abby and Aldo (Elmo). she watches Curious George and Baby Signing Time. she signs 'more' when it the show is over. she loves watching 'Yo' (Yo Gaba Gaba) at her gg's house. she rearranges the remotes. she highjacks the TV. she screams louder than YOUR show.

she loves to draw. she decorates Christmas cards. she stays on the paper. she likes to use pen and marker. she is careful. she is patient.

she has bangs. she has her aunty aleicha to cut them for her. she rarely looks at the camera long enough to snap a picture. she doesn't like her hair brushed. she doesn't mind it being shampooed.

she is loved.
she is loved by me. she is loved by her daddy. she is loved by her aunts and uncles, her grandparents. she is loved by our friends. she makes our lives fun and rich and happy.

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