Thursday, December 29, 2011

have a holly jolly christmas

christmas this year was FUN! I think ryan and I were more excited than the snark. she didn't really know what was happening, but she did get in the spirit. the month was jam packed with excitement. being on maternity leave made it extra special.

I made cookies. weekly.

it took about two weeks to decorate the house. baby D requires breast milk... often. moo requires attention. it was a slow process. slower than any other year.

we visited santa. moo wasn't having it. my brother and mom were my entourage. i need one whenever i go out. i try to out number the babies. i have yet to work up the courage to do ANYTHING alone.

we went to san elijo for ryan's birthday. we ate cookies from vg's. we went on walks. i was envious of the homes adorn with christmas lights and decor. i want to live here.

we had a memorable christmas morning. moo was good. i was nervous she would be grouchy. i was nervous i would be grouchy. i didn't want to ruin christmas morning for myself. i was genuinely happy and excited. ryan got his impact tool. moo received many fun treasures. baby D slept in his swing.

santa brought her a mercedes. and a cozy coupe.

we are blessed. i am thankful. mostly for my husband.

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