Sunday, January 29, 2012

a day to remember

two weeks ago ryan played hooky. well... is it hooky if you ask? maybe not. it was to celebrate my last days of maternity leave. ever. we are done having babies. so we made a day of it.

the water heater was misbehaving. we waited for hot water. it allowed for a lazy morning.

we did a quick photo shoot. in jammies. or lack there of.

we drove to Coronado. {i will live here someday. right after we win the lottery.} we ate at the Coronado Brewing Company. very family friendly. highly recommended. enough room to house our double B.O.B. next to our table. crayons, kid cups, and place mats to color on. the newest way to win me over.

baby D enjoyed the basketball game. is it bad when your four month old already loves tv?

then we headed to Grossmont Center. we strolled through Target. my happy place. then to the fountain. moo made some wishes. i was wishing this day would never end.

we read a few books in Barnes and Nobel. moo found some about Elmo. she browsed the shelves with grace. she would make any mama proud. she loves books.

we drove home. ate dinner. washed babies. suited up for bed. her in her piggies. him in his trucks.

it was a magical day. a day i hope i remember forever. nothing fancy. nothing spectacular or grand. just lots of perfect little moments. simple pleasures.

i love them. more than i thought one heart could.

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  1. I love this day! Your pictures really tell the story and your words make me want to cry.