Friday, March 30, 2012

through the eyes of a first grader

on wednesday morning i picked them up from line. a little one swooped under my arm. hugged me tight. i walked the rest of the way with her attached to me. it made me smile. i believe it made her day too.

a girl said, 'you look so beautiful today.' 
naturally i said thank you. 
another said, 'really... you do.'
i found this conversation comical. 

we planted flowers this afternoon. from seeds. they picked from five little packets. i loved hearing them say things like:
my mom is going to be so happy. 
my mom loves pink. purple. red.
where's the soil? {the HUGE bag sat right next to all the supplies. on the table.}

we read a story this week called the butterfly. one kiddo brought in a dead butterfly. she shared it. as she held up its little dead, crushed body {parts}, the kids looked horrified. i almost laughed. out loud. i reminded them that things do die in nature. even butterflies. 

this afternoon i read pirates don't change diapers. i did my best pirate accent. i was surprised they didn't compliment that skill. i also prayed nobody walked it.

and finally... and perhaps my favorite. one arrived late after lunch. 
'where were you?'
'ummmm.... i got lost.'
'reeeeeeally... we have been in school for 128 days. you might want to come up with a better lie next time.'
'i mean i didn't hear the bell. i'm SORRY!' {as in she screamed the 'sorry' part. not in a mean or bratty way. but when she says sorry it's always 300 decibels louder than her normal tone. it's sweet actually}
i started laughing. hysterically. 

i love them. most days ;)

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