Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby Clothes Quilt

let's just start by saying my mom is amazing.

somewhere, sometime ago i saw a quilt made out of baby clothes. i needed one. my mom agreed to help me... or really... make one for me. 
i dug through her pile of baby clothes. a little voice kept saying... you're going to cut up these perfectly good outfits? really? 
it was hard. harder than i expected. 

i found my favorites. then we organized them by color and eliminated pieces that didn't really 'go'. i wanted to keep buttons and ruffles and ribbons. my mom diligently fussy cut special pieces.

'thrilled' is an understatement. it is a trip down memory lane. i'm not sure who loves it most. we all seem to be in love... even the boys. 

the dress she wore all summer before baby D arrived, the fishies from her first san clemente trip, the paul frank she wore to the welcome home uncle paul party, the mommy and me blue dress, the thanksgiving onesie.

the back is equally fun. and perfectly appropriate for her current princess love affair.
 ruffle love.
her little lamb onesie that she came home from the hospital in. 

he even loves it.

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  1. Aw, I love this and just love how much you appreciate it too. What a great idea.