Friday, March 29, 2013

vacationing with kids

vacations with kids are a little less vacation'esqe' and a little more like a rite of passage. the man power involved in preparing, accommodating, and soothing small humans on vacation is daunting. to say the least. 

so when that tiny rascal was being crazier than normal, we kinda knew something 'had' to be wrong. we actually hoped something was wrong. or this wasn't going to be a joyous trip. and unluckily for him, he did have an ear infection. relief. there's medicine for that. and nightly cocktails for us. 

the trip was mostly successful. lots of trips to VGs. lots of days at the park. lots of sandy showers and baths. sunscreen, fits and tantrums, laughs, walks, sand-fly fears to overcome, juice boxes, seashells, books, and movie filled nap times.

niz kid doesn't like sleeping in the trailer. at all. he wakes in the wee hours. and there is absolutely no ignoring him. so at 4:30 this morning, while hunkered over his pack n' play, i felt a tad bit sorry for myself. like... what the heck happened to life vacations as i once knew them? and then... i felt sorry for the tent full of teenagers directly behind us. and then i thought no... this is a good life lesson in birth control. you're welcome.

we get many, many smiles from fellow campers while we walk. lots of... we use to bring our kids when they were little like that. and naturally i would ask... it does get better right? and they all assured me it would. 

here's hoping. 

{clearly it is not that bad. since we keep doing it!}
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