Sunday, March 10, 2013

craft room tour

i love snooping through craft rooms and sewing spaces. both in real life and online.
so... here's mine :)

my little stack of happiness
i love storing things in glass jars. that way i can see where everything is.
my homemade chicken wire frame holds inspiration ideas. 
i believe in lots of pens and markers and scissors. and magnetic pin holders. 
i keep my scrap stash handy at all times. seeing it inspires me. and who doesn't love these girly colors? huge theme in this room.
i try to keep things that go together near each other. i love when grocery stores do that. 
baskets and containers 
and bunting ;)
i keep a journal for crafting notes. when i walk away from a project long enough, i forget everything i was doing. it's full of chicken scratch. and diagrams. and numbers. 
i sew on a singer featherweight. and yes... that's blue painters tape used as my measuring guide. 
all my dangerous little gadgets are stowed away. nizzy has gecko fingers and wants all things shiny. 
i use my hanging file folders to store fabric saved for specific projects.

i utilize my closet the best i can. my mom bought me these containers at costco and i love them. 
and i admire this as i work my magic.
my newest thing to hoard. thanks to joann's coupon commotion. 
i am proud of this little drawer. diligent pinterest browsing makes for organized spaces. all things 'wire' go here.
and all things salvage and trader joe snacks go here.
more jars and measuring tapes. 
i save all my material 'trash' because it makes for great, free pillow stuffing.
i saved this card that my grandma wrote me after i had nizzle. a few of my chicken wire frames are currently off the wall and being repurposed. 
my ironing station is adorned with preschool art. 
and ribbons... a girl can never have enough ribbon in her life. 

happy crafting! 

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