Saturday, March 2, 2013

dr. seuss soup

march 2nd is dr. seuss' birthday and dr. seuss day in every school i've ever known. this year i searched the internet for a few new ideas and found dr. seuss soup. but the blog had nothing more than a picture. and a lot of teachers asking questions.

i studied the picture and my stack of dr. seuss books and came up with my own version of dr. seuss soup.

here's my spin:
i told my students the day before that we would be making soup. dr. seuss soup. i told them that dr. seuss books are silly and magical and weird and strange... and so will our soup. nothing like any soup they've ever had before.

naturally... they all squealed in delight.

i told them we would read many books on dr. seuss day. after each book we would add an ingredient or two, let the soup 'simmer' and eat it during our last hour together.

1. read In A People House
and add popcorn and goldfish to the soup.
{the book also mentions peanuts... but we have a peanut free room this year}
2. read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and add swedish fish or colored gummy fish.
3. read And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street and add circus cookies.
4. read Are You My Mother {i know... not truly a dr. seuss book} and add gummy worms and pretzel sticks {like the sticks in the bird's nest}.
by the end of the day the 'soup' was finished and they enjoyed a scoop.

they were so eager to hear each new story throughout the day. and even more excited to guess what we were going to add to our soup next.

yes... it is more of a trail mix... but that's not imaginative at all.


  1. You could read The Lorax and add Brown Bar-Ba-Loots (chocolate teddy grahams), My Many Colored Days (Skittles), Green Eggs and Ham (green M&M's or green Jelly Beans)...