Saturday, March 9, 2013

decisions, decisions

i'm on the hunt for another sewing machine. not a new one. i cherish the featherweight my mother-in-law gave me. i tested the waters of sewing on that little beauty. it's hardy and darling. i love it. so i am not replacing the old girl, just finding her a friend.
here is the problem. what to invest in? there are so many choices, options, styles, brands. when i think i've figure it out, i am swayed by another review. i find myself ten windows deep in quilting forums and machine reviews. like literally... where am i in cyber space? and how did i get here? and NO bree... you do not embroider as a career, so stop looking at that one!

i'm currently perusing craigslist. and then i google every make and model i find. and finally i beg ryan to call and insult these poor people who dare to write 'OBO'. obo in my book stands for: or best offensive offer.

so... the hunt is on. i'll let you know where this adventure takes me.
crossing my fingers and toes it ends up as good as that craigslist desk.

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  1. You have to keep me updated on this... I am living through you :-)