Friday, March 15, 2013

welcome home new girl

something my friend said summed it up perfectly... you just waltzed into the 21st century. 
yes... yes i did!

i found my new girl. on craigslist. 

i made this deal with myself when i first started quilting. if i completed at least 3 quilts and i still 'liked' the craft, then i could buy a newer machine.

after weeks of research i felt like this one suited me well. it does all the stuff i needed it to with a few extras thrown in.  

i sat down with the booklet and read it cover to cover. i can now claim to be a bona fide bernina owner.

i've also learned that there are more opinions on sewing machines than one could have ever imagined. i say find a repair shop you love, ask if they work on the brand you're buying, and take a leap of faith.

happy quilting!

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