Sunday, March 11, 2012

23 months

i have 25 days left to use the term 'two under two'. she will be a big girl. i am amazed. she knows all the letters of the alphabet. she can count to 15. she sings songs and uses the words. she says 'thank you, you're welcome, ready?, bless you, excuse me'.

she will let you know if she approves of her food with 'yummy'. she still tosses food and bowls overboard. she uses her fork. then her hands. 

she can put up one darn good fight while getting stitches removed. 

her little eyes light up when she sees daddy. sometimes she calls him 'dad'. that just feels too grown up for me. she plays hard to get. she doesn't want to give him kisses... but always seems to give in. she loves to lay with him. read with him. snuggle in his nook. 

she loves her brother. she still smiles and talks and kisses him. she gives him things to hold. let's him in on story time. i'm hoping this never changes.  

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