Friday, March 2, 2012


if you know me in real life, you probably know my love affair with sex and the city. hands down my favorite show. i was in college when i started watching it. we didn't have hbo. i would go to ryan's house. i would highjack the tv from his dad. somedays i would be the only one in the living room watching it. is that weird? kinda, now that i think about it.

one of my favorite episodes was SSB. secret single behaviors. the girls all had their own. miranda's {my favorite}... paraffin wax treatments while watching infomercials.

although i am far from single... i have some secret and not so secret behaviors of my own.

- i am so captivated by sister wives on tlc. i can't wait for the new season. i get it and don't get it. all those kids. the thought of 'sharing' my husband boggles my mind. and seems super gross. ummm... germs?

- when all i want is a break from babies i go grocery shopping. and while i'm alone i stare at other babies. and miss mine.

- when babies fall asleep {at the same time} i lay down to nap. and then my mind spins. i'm not tired anymore. then they wake up and i've never felt sleepier.

- i over wash the kids. there is nothing better than a soapy scented child. i would literally wash baby D after every burp up if i could.

we have 5,000 bath time photos 

- and... i read the 'missed connections' page on craigslist. it's so silly and sappy and addictive. it hurts my heart when i read about lost love. i guess it steams from reading books like jane eyre and the time traveler's wife... love stories. ryan laughs at me when it shows up in the history of my computer. 

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