Monday, March 5, 2012


cotton twill labels to be exact.

i have a problem... well, probably a few. i have a slight addiction to pinterest. i see things. i pin things. then i want things.

somehow these 'wants' turn into 'needs' and... my day of chores turns into a day of crafts.

since i have {nearly} two quilts completed, i need labels.

quilt labels.  so i thought... what kind of labels do i want? well, i like rustic things. i like homemade looking things. i am drawn to fonts and colors and textures. and i don't like my handwriting.

i was browsing around on etsy. i found cotton twill labels. i wanted them. all of them. but then i realized i don't have a company name. or brand. and each of my quilts is different. and i want my quilt labels to reflect the date and the person and the significance. i really didn't need 300 labels that have a corny 'hand made with love' design... not me, and never will be.

i searched 'twill labels' on pinterest and to my surprise found two tutes {tutorials}... i guess this is the new age term and i kinda love it. so... here is my tute.

go to joann's. grab candy. bribe the {almost} 2 year old.

buy twill. in the ribbon section. grab two sizes. one yard of each. it will run you about $6.

go to stamp section. grab a set of letters. grab a stamp pad. i bought the StazOn brand, solvent ink.  it's meant to stamp things like ceramic, leather, and crazy/non-paper stuff.

i made my labels two different ways.

{stamp version}
cut twill. stamp your design. done! the StazOn ink worked like a champ. after washing it, this is how it looked...

{printer version}
find fabulous fonts. i use this website. in pages or word type up your label name or brand or picture. i used different fonts and different versions. print it. cut out your twill. tape twill on top of the original document. send it through the printer again. cross your fingers and toes. luckily my printer didn't jam. but i was expecting it to. it did get a bit smeary on the wider, thicker twill.  

{i saved the document. i can pull it up and print more when i need to without recreating it. unless you want to}

remove twill from paper. iron to set in ink. done.

i have not washed the printer versions yet. i will before i sew anything to my quilts. i'll get back to you on the results. 

p.s. font 'MTF Itty Bitty Baby' has that little boat that kinda got cut off on the bottom label. i love it. all of baby d's labels need a little boat. 

i am also loving the 'typical typewriter' font. very rustic on the twill. exactly what i was going for. and honestly, i am considering adding a few labels to his quilt. would that be weird? 

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