Tuesday, March 27, 2012


i absolutely adore:

my lazy mornings. listening to sesame street jingles. cat and the hat songs. moo pointing and yelling out things she recognizes. 'cow!', 'cat!', 'ELMO!' 'more ga ga' {food}.

her morning hair.
my mac. babysteals. gilt. ruelala. stride rite shoe sales.

i adore my cup of coffee.

mr. niz and his screech owl abilities. his morning cheer. his big smile. those big brown eyes.
when ryan calls to check on us. when he's delivering customers. running to the bank.

the fruitless plum outside the dining room window. the green that is currently surrounding our house.

i adore that i feel comfortable at this stage in my life. that babies are sleeping. we are currently okay.
 i have come out of the infant stage... unscathed. {oh... besides a few new stretch marks. thank you 9 pound boy}

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