Monday, March 19, 2012

the crown room

yesterday we went to the hotel del. for sunday brunch. because, and only because, we had a coupon. and even with that i could barely justify spending that amount. not to mention... i really shouldn't be stuffing myself in hopes of getting 'my monies worth' anywhere. swimsuit season is literally weeks away. 

despite those concerns... it was magical. really. like teary eyed, over the top, royalty special. just being inside the hotel del feels special.  

my goal was to eat things i never make at home. and i refuse to admit to how many plates i made myself total. here are a few. 

crab legs, shrimp, prime rib, potatoes au gratin. 

and the coffee... hands down best coffee i have EVER had in my entire life. don't ask me how they do it... but they do. i tried to get the trade secret out of our server... but he just smiled a big 'this is our secret' smile. believe the yelp reviews when they mention this. went home and googled it. nothing. i would be willing to work here. learn the secret. then quit. yes. it was that fabulous.  

and... let's just skip to the point. the dessert table. red velvet cupcake {i may or may not even like this flavor cupcake. but look at it!}. whipped cream with berries, and candy. yes... i am 6 years old at heart.

ryan's dessert plate.

the chocolate fountain. head and shoulders above any fountain i have ever met. quality rich dark chocolate. dipped strawberries, marshmallows, and cookie sticks. and the kicker was the bailey's chocolate shot glass with a strawberry. had two. wish i brought tupperware in my purse. 

the room itself was grand. i imagined the years gone by and the people of the past who stepped foot in this very room. 

and felt sad that they didn't have the pleasure of a chocolate fountain years ago.

then we browsed. snooped around the gift shops. admired the chandelier. fascinated by the old elevator. 

mmm hmmm... stormy san diego day.

it was a memorable day. full of good food and dessert and laughter. can't think of a better way to spend a day in san diego.

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