Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my war story ~ the baby D edition

baby D was due september 16, 2011. he was always right on tract at every appointment. he wiggled and squirmed and kicked... up until the very end. i never did kick counts. i didn't let my mind worry incessantly. i was too busy... with moo. and his constant movement eased my mind.

on wednesday september 13 i thought i was in labor. i was having contractions and some other fun stuff. we lined up auntie m to watch moo. headed down to the hospital. got checked and nope... not in labor. she stripped my cervix, sent me on a walk, and told us to return in two hours. ryan and i walked the neighborhoods. i swore my water was going to break every step i took. nope. we ate at rubios. i swore it would be my last 'pre baby D' meal. nope. we went back into the hospital. she checked again. nope... not in labor. she sent us home.

so the big question was... how did i get it right on baby number one and wrong on number two?

friday the 15th rolled around. my mom and i took a long walk around lake murray. we fed ducks. moo played at her house. it was pretty uneventful. i felt good. that evening we ate dinner. moo and ryan were playing outside. i started having contractions. i got in the bath. it eased the pain. i called kaiser. they said contractions needed to be closer. i was NOT going to be sent home. nope... not doing that again.

i was in bed. on the floor. in the shower. i downloaded the contraction app. i recorded my evening. they were getting closer together. we called the twins. they were to watch moo this time. it got pretty real when i was rocking on all fours in the corner of our room. ryan asked me to get in bed. i asked why. he was worried about spiders. he saw one the week before. i still find this amusing. i stayed on the floor.

when contractions were three minutes apart we loaded moo. dropped her at the twins. checked into the hospital. i walked up and asked to be checked in. it was around 1 am. i did not want to be sent home. i was so worried i was going to be sent home... again.

the nurse checked me. i was 8 cm. i cried through the next contraction out of relief, excitement, pain. she was shocked. i was shocked. i was in transition and nowhere near the pain i had with moo. we got all comfy in the delivery room. my parents arrived. my dad stayed behind the curtain.

the cnm broke my water. a few pushes. at 4:01 am sweet baby D arrived. he was 9.2 pounds. he was perfect. he was a boy. he completed our family.

he latched and loved me. he latched and i loved him.

i knew this was different. not better, just different.

funny facts:

ryan almost passed out during both deliveries.

ryan was snoring 5 minutes after being transferred into recovery. i looked at the nurse and said, 'you would have thought HE just delivered'... she laughed and said most husbands do that. 

our high school buddy smuggled in home brewed beer to celebrate. he brought me yogurt mill. 

we saw our pediatrician on the way out. we notified him that we had a new patient for him.  

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  1. I love this! And love that you stayed on the floor. You are one strong & brave woman!