Thursday, March 1, 2012


on any given day {in my classroom} you will probably hear me say... 'please stop whining.' mostly to one particular little darling, but nonetheless you will hear it. so i will practice what i preach.

despite various hiccups today, i am thankful.

i am thankful for:
my partner in crime/team teacher/friend/buddy. she never even bats an eye as she gracefully deals with classroom shenanigans that roll into her days. she has my back, as i do hers. she puts out fires, reassures me, inspires me. i learn from her. i feel more confident because of her. i couldn't be happier that our professional relationship blossomed into a personal one :)

deep breaths and calming strategies while hanging with {an almost} 2 year old. when... she poops in the tub. when... she covers herself in mud. when... she screeches and screams and grabs his tiny hands in hopes of waking him in the car.

i am thankful for binkies. they soothe both child and parent.

for my mom. who wrangles babies at target so i can browse the dollar section.

for the target dollar section! a teacher's dream come true.

for and the wealth of creativity... for sale. for being inspired my my cohort next door. her willingness to help me. to bounce ideas off of. for answering first grade questions.

and... the much loved sap {this is for you future mrs. english paratrooper}
i am thankful for my husband. for letting me be me... regardless of how neurotic i can be. hey... that rhymes. i've been reading entirely too many dr. seuss books this week.

{aptly applies to both work and home}

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