Monday, January 2, 2012

Best of 2011

we moved last year. moving means packing. and unpacking. it means finding hidden treasures and old things that make you stop and reminisce. i did a lot of that while packing and unpacking. one sunny sunday afternoon we made it our mission to organize the dreaded office closet. we pulled out all sorts of silly items. there was some mention of me being a hoarder and him a pack rat. we laughed so hard we cried. i almost peed my pants a few times. i was 8 months pregnant, so that is almost allowed. it was fun. i like to reminisce.

here is my attempt to reminisce the best of 2011

best book i read: {well... skimmed/reviewed} Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. i wanted it fresh in my mind for my next delivery.

best movie i watched: The Boys are Back. something resigned with me after i watched this one. maybe it was the australian outback, maybe the death of a mother... whatever it was, i was very much captivated.

best memory: absolutely impossible to pick one. moo in her pink swimsuit with the ruffled butt at san eljio in april. looking into ryan's eyes while he counted during labor. the day moo met baby D, grabbed his tiny foot and said 'shoe'. when baby D laughed after i said 'agoo' while he was in the bath.

best meal: a chocolate eclair i had for dinner one night.

best piece of technology: iphone4

best guilty pleasure: reading my birthboard while nursing.

best app: instagram

best trip: san elijo for a week in april. we found out we were having a boy. we found out that moo was a girl on a previous san elijo trip. our special tradition i guess.

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