Monday, January 9, 2012


i'm kinda, sorta having a love affair with instagram. hands down the coolest app for an iphone. for a mom. a mom of two. for someone a little unsure of all the features of her SLR. for people who like taking pictures of everything. kids. food. christmas trees. target items. toes. anything. everything. i get a lot of 'you're taking a picture of that?' 'mmm hmmm'

the best part... the filters. boring old cup of coffee ~ change the filter... ta da... work of art. bad lighting... filter. bad color... filter. boring... filter! love, love, love it.

yesterday i was fighting with my printer. it didn't want to print the old fashion frame around the picture properly. and it wanted to change the shape. no! i want that frame and i want it to be a perfect little square. a little square of delight. so i got to late night, I should be sleeping, googling.

'how to print instagrams' i meant at home on my printers. but, i found a plethora of fabulous ideas. websites that have thought of everything.

11 super cool ideas. so naturally i stole a few. i'm sorta, kinda cheap... when i can be. so i took one site's advice.

first i went to page set up in Pages on my mac. i changed it into a 4"x6" so my printer wouldn't argue with me. i grabbed instagram photos i downloaded into iphoto onto the page. i shrunk each picture down to a 2"x2" and lined them up... like a photo booth. super easy. just grab the sizing box and luckily my mac tells me the dimensions of each photo. it also has the handiest little measurement lines that show up when they are centered just so. simple.

 print, cut, and admire.

it's like we rented a photo booth. i am thrilled with the results. my mind is already stirring. how can i arrange these? what variations can i do? 

i did a few strips of simply baby D. a few of moo alone. and some with both of them mixed together. i want to get some of kids and daddy to take to work. and maybe kids and grandparents. oh the joy! 

i also have a regular sized printer that will print full sheets. i was able to line up 5 photos and leave a little space. however, that printer isn't as sharp, so i think i will stick to my mini strips.

i am so excited. the possibilities are endless... did i already say that?! i know... I just can't believe how adorable they look. now the search begins to find frames that fit these little gems.

thank you instagram. i am inspired.

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