Tuesday, January 10, 2012

prince charming

the other day my mom said, 'it's a good thing you found ryan before he was thrown out into the general public. to be ruined by some other girl.' it really made me think.

we started dating in high school. we don't have previous relationships. we don't have baggage... and on that same note, we don't have anything to compare this to.

i read my birthboard... often... while nursing. there is a lot of nonsense. lots of drama. lots of stupidity. but, while the moo indulges in sesame street, i turn to the babycenter app. sometimes i just try to encourage someone. sometimes i add a snarky remark. i am obscure. more of a lurker. but... there is one thing that stands out to me. all the posts about yucky husbands, boyfriends, and fiances. i mean BAD!

if there is one thing i am certain of, it is that ryan is a stand up kind of guy. he is a stable, solid partner. he is a role model to our children. he IS my prince charming. i don't know how it happened... finding someone like that in high school. grabbing him before anyone else had the chance. making it survive all these years. marrying him. having babies. it's all fairy tale like.

i mean, not always. he drives me crazy sometimes, i drive him crazy. we squabble. my mom always used the word 'squabble' to describe my brothers and me. we have good days and bad days. but all in all it's fun.

he has become even more of a prince post baby... babies. he does thoughtful things, regularly. i like bragging about him. a few things worth mentioning include:

he makes me coffee every morning. even when he's mad at me. honorable... i vote yes.
he washes babies. he does their bedding. he is better at remembering to wash crib sheets than i am.

san elijo beach camping. we usually don't bath our children like so.

he sings to her. he gets on the floor. he counts to ten and they clap. he goes to doctor's appointments. he lets her crawl all over him. he lets her honk the horn. he watches her at the shop. he never leaves unless he says goodbye to both babies. he holds baby D... even while he screams... loudly. he does diapers... lots of diapers... gross {almost 2 years old} moo diapers. this single thing alone makes him my hero.

he gets silly. he makes her laugh. he makes baby D laugh. he makes me laugh. he's never too 'cool' to make them happy. his heart is in the right place. 

he does dishes, laundry, floors, bathrooms. he vacuums, packs for trips, unpacks from trips. he wants to go on trips. he dusts and scrubs. he grocery shops. attempts to cook.

he made this left over "goulash" he called it while camping. it was actually really good.

he is respectful. always.

he cares about me. he cares about our babies. he is my soft spot to fall. a compliment to me. he is my prince.

i hope to raise baby D to become a stand up kind of guy. to possess all those admirable traits like his dad. i want him to make somebody as happy as his dad makes me. i think it's going to be possible... he will always have a good example to watch.

one of moo's very first words was 'da da'... and she used it in the correct context right away.

{it took forever for her to say my name. i believe 'dog' and 'ga ga' (which means food) made the cut before me. humph!}

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