Tuesday, January 3, 2012

super nerd or super spoiled...

i received a sony handycam from my dad on my first mother's day. i promptly filled it up with the moo. i assumed that sony, being apple's arch nemesis, wouldn't let me download my video easily. i bought extra, unnecessary, gadgets to convert the video... got frustrated, couldn't do it, and gave up. 

this little voice in my head bugged me. the lack of new video. the wastefulness of a video camera that wasn't being utilized. the days that were slipping away and events not being documented. all these things ate away at me. somehow baby brain took over. i surely wasn't being my resourceful self. 

i've gotten absolutely, hands down spoiled. spoiled by new technology. plug it in and it will do it's thing spoiled. i want to not NEED to know how it works. just work. bad... yes, i know.

so... as the fog started to clear from baby number two, i got that little sony handycam and decided to end our stand off. i did some youtube searching. i am so embarrassed to say that sony and apple actually don't hate each other as i imagined. there were no internal-hard-drive-technical-fire-wall-apple-hates-sony barriers (as you can see i don't speak computer) keeping me from downloading these precious videos. 

i plugged it in. i hit imovie... and ta da... downloading is now complete. explicative, explicative, explicative. oh well... lesson learned. 

i found this:  

a picture and a video of the moo in her crib. i watched it and sobbed. she had just turned the colic corner. she just started to laugh. i never thought she would laugh. i thought she deeply hated ryan and me. 

there are so many things that i remember about this image. that onsie i bought before she was born. the warm summer days in her room. the baby legs, the dream blanket... the bumper pads. the sound of her tiny voice being used in a happy way. oh thank the lord. that day could not have come soon enough.

when i watched the hours of video that had been hidden away from my inept self... i kept coming back to this one. i pulled ryan away from his meal to show him. i held back my tears the next time i watched although my throat welled up. his eyes lit up. he discretely wiped away a tear. our girl. our baby girl.

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