Saturday, January 7, 2012

happy day

i am currently VERY easy to please. motherhood, with TWO babies, has changed me. it has changed so many things about me. one significant difference is how easily i am now entertained/happy. these are the simple things that made me giddy today:

i got to lay in bed a little longer than usual today.
ryan made breakfast. it included bacon. i love bacon... home cooked, just a little crispy, delicious, sinful bacon.
he washed baby D while i was in the shower.
on that note, i was in the shower alone. moo was bathed a little earlier. no worries of someone screaming "soap!"
a trip to target- ALONE
90% off christmas paraphernalia. i saved $114. score!
i now have a full tank of gas.
baby D did very little crying today.
he took a bottle of breast milk for practice. he didn't whimper or cry. he batted those lashes.

moo took a long nap. she woke up cheerful. she was so happy to see me. she was wiggling and squirming when ryan brought her down the stairs. she wanted to see baby D immediately.
the twins brought us dinner.
we played upstairs. we laughed. we joked. we had a really nice time.
AND... it is only saturday! we have another entire day of togetherness tomorrow.

i am happy. really happy.

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