Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a day in the life

{i am blatantly stealing this blog idea from auntie m.}

a typical maternity leave day with the added bonus of a doctors appointment.

preface: baby D does not sleep through the night. he does not sleep in his bed. he sleeps in my bed. he sleeps latched to me. i get disrupted sleep. ryan hangs off his side of the bed. baby D is as happy as a clam.

i fight the inevitable... getting up. ryan's getting ready. moo is in and out of the bathroom. slamming doors... next to my head. she spots movement in the bed. 'hi mama!' i play dead. baby D is stirring. ryan's shaver is now humming. i'm becoming more conscious. i go to my happy place. a vision of the coziest, bleach scented, beautiful La Jolla hotel bed the night of our wedding. i tell myself good things come to those who wait. in this case ~ someday i will be alone in a bed and i will have slept through the night.

ryan leaves. i get up. moo is watching sesame street. we eat cereal. Honey Nut Joe O's. baby D in his vibrating chair. relocate the three of us. chair in bathroom. moo and me in the shower. she sings. i scrub both of us. everybody out. clean diapers for all. {kinda looks like an assembly line} clean clothes for all. moo runs back to watch tv while i blow dry. nurse. change her diaper. {impeccable timing. she always poops after the shower. gross. oxymoron.}

grab car seat, diaper bag, kids, phone. in car. twyla tries to run away. i practice patiences... while she runs in the opposite direction. pug wrangling no longer appeals to me. pick up ryan from the shop. papa mark says hello and gives kisses. doctors office... on time... success. complain about lack of sleep. complain about Cry It Out method.

ryan is looking forward to when the doctor has new babies. baby D gets three shots. cries. recovers quickly. get a compliment in the parking lot. load babies. quick stop at post office. {ebay sale success} drop off ryan.

arrive to gg's house. moo frolics in the yard with uncle 'jibby'. baby D nurses. moo comes in. plays with puzzles. demands 'yo' (Yo Gaba Gaba). order lunch from Anny's Fine Burgers. uncle jibby picks it up. moo does a pseudo nap. eat while bouncing baby D. moo starts yelling 'gg' 'mama'. she gets up. go outside. play in the freshly graded dirt. throws dirt at gg. follow cats around the yard. pick up pepper tree berries. go inside. joycie arrives. she holds baby D. moo and gg shower. moo has milk. head home.

moo is asleep three minutes into the drive. i wonder if a successful transfer will be possible. arrive home. nothing good in the mail. ryan's trailer life magazine. bills. junk mail/trash. moo makes the transfer into her crib. baby D makes the transfer into his swing. success... again. ten minutes alone time. check emails. browse facebook. post a pic of my handsome husband.

denied a 'you are practically a stranger' friend request {i need to blog about that topic soon}. baby D starts screeching. nurse. won't take. plumber arrives. baby D in ergo. chat with plumber. baby D is content. wander around to keep baby D happy. eat chips and diet coke.

ryan gets home. reheat left over hominy soup. wake moo. feed her. start bath. get in with moo. practice her letters and animals. add baby D towards the end. pajamas. moo to bed after 30 minutes of rough housing in bed with ryan. baby D nurses. into swing.

it is quiet. i am blogging. he is iphoning/buggy shopping. he can't buy one. he still looks... daily. i guess we all have our quirky obsessions.  

i am crossing all of my fingers and toes. hoping baby D thinks 4 months would be the perfect time to sleep through the night. but... i wouldn't put money on it.

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